March 17, 2018

Today I'm going to be showing you my bedroom!  If I had it my way I'd redecorate weekly.  But since money is an object in this life, I've learned to re-purpose and reuse.

I have had many questions and requests for this posts, so I finally decided to do it.  My room is never this clean.  My sister literally came home and couldn't believe how much floor we have.  Enjoy!     

Warning: if you are sensitive to the color pink please leave now.  I do not want to cause anyone discomfort.  

First I have my gallery wall.  I've switched this up countless times, but this is the best it's ever turned out. 

Here I have my little hanging shelf.  I keep my purse, and a few knickknacks on it.  Usually it's pilled full of bags and jackets and sweaters.  

I have this beautiful bunting hanging above mine and my sister's beds.  I believe I got it from Target.

Here's a better look at it.  Both of your beds have matching spreads and headboards.  I love things that match.  

I've finally hung curtains in our room.  It bring in such a light and airy touch the room.  In case you didn't notice I actually hung them very crookedly, but I haven't gotten around to fixing them.

Don't you love these?  I hung them a while ago while ago when I was hanging the curtains.

Last I have a dresser, mirror and more random little tidbits.  I've found that this is one of the best places to do my makeup thanks to the wonderful lighting.  

What does your room look like?  What are the main colors?  Do you share with anyone?  Would you enjoy more personal/lifestyle posts?  

~ Ella Marie



March 14, 2018

It’s here!  The answers to all of the questions you wonderful people sent me.  You were kind enough to provide me with 45 questions, which is a fabulous amount.  I think I would have fainted if I had to answer many more.  Since it is so many I’ll be splitting it into two groups.  Today I’ll be posting all of the personal questions.  And next Wednesday I’ll post my answers to your blogging related questions.  I did eliminate a few questions because there were a few duplicates.  

Let’s dive in!    

Do you like pizza?
Obviously.  Who doesn’t like pizza?  My favorite is with olives and bell peppers.

Are you an actual fairy? Because you are just as magical as one. ;)
Oh my gosh, this one made me smile so much.  I’ve really been thinking about answering this without revealing my secret identity, but I think it’s safe to say I am a fairy.

Where's one place you've always wanted to visit?
Paris France.  As cliché as it is, I can’t think of a time I haven’t wanted to go.

What ARE your thoughts on guacamole?
I think it’s absolutely fabulous.  Thank you very much for asking, Audrey.

Go-to Bible verse?
Blessed is a man who endures trials, because when he passes the test he will receive the drown of life that He has promised to those who live Him.
~ James 1:12.

Have you ever thrown your mashed potatoes up against the wall?
Yes.  I do it every time I eat mash potatoes.

Would you rather go for a hike or sit on the porch and read?
I think I’d rather sit on the porch and read.  But hikes are really nice too.

How tall are you?
I’m 5’4” and done growing.  Not super short or super tall.  If I was much shorter I would feel compelled to wear heals more often.  And let me tell ya, I do not like wearing heals. 

What is your favorite movie?
The live action Cinderella.  That movie makes me cry buckets.  The visuals are simply stunning.  

What's your favorite kind of chocolate?
All of it.  I prefer milk chocolate, but I even like unsweetened chocolate from time to time.

Do you like unicorns?
YAS, GIRL!  Unicorns are wonderful.  I think they’re my spirit animal actually. 😉

When you were younger, did you try to jump into books? (Like in Blues Clues :P )
Haha, no.  I did try very hard to get my toys to talk to me.  I thought they were alive, but extremely stubborn.

Do you get physical mail often?
Once every month or so.  I have a few pen-pals around the country that I talk too.

What is your favorite season?
Summer.  Although every season has its perks.

What is your favorite performance/show you've ever been in?
Peter Pan & Wendy.  Probably because I was able to play Wendy.

Who is one of your favorite authors?
Lois Lowery and C.S Louis.  Did you know his name is Clive Staples Louis?

Is Ella your real name?
No, but isn’t it pretty?  Maybe someday I’ll let you in on my real name.  We’ll see. 

What are some of your dreams/ambitions/goals?
I have so many!  I would love to perform on Broadway one day, be a foster mom and simply see what God has in store for me.  It’s easier to do the will of God if I don’t have set ideas on how I want my future to look.

What is the latest you've ever stayed up?
I used to have the worst insomnia and once I laid in bed until 4 a.m.  The latest I’ve ever stayed up on purpose was around 2.  I was at a late night cast party.

Favorite book and why?
Peter Pan!  I love it for 4 reasons.
1.       When I was little there was a picture book about Peter Pan and I literally checked it out from my library every time we went.
2.       I played Wendy in a play last spring.
3.       The writing is beautiful.
4.       It makes me cry.

Tell me about your ideal job.
I don’t know, man.  My ideal job would be having the freedom to pursue everything I enjoy.  Theatre, writing, blogging, traveling, interior design, architecture, graphic design and cosmetology.

Favorite quote and why?
I'm going to make everything around beautiful-that will be my life.
~ Elsie De Wolf

I live by this quote.  I make my room beautiful, my mind, my words, my home.  It is my life.   

Favorite baby animal?

Favorite period movie or tv show?
I don’t really watch much tv or many movies.

Favorite classic book?
A Little Princess or Treasure Island. 

What about theatre do you love most?
There’s this certain feeling I get when I’ve been nervously awaiting my queue backstage.  Then when I walk on, the lights hit my face and say my first line everything suddenly feels like it clicks into place and I know there’s no where else I’d rather be.  Every fiber of my being becomes the character.

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in everything.  I wrote a post all about what inspires me.

Favorite book character?
Can I say Wendy Darling or am I mentioning Peter Pan too much?  If so, then I’d say Lucy Pevensie.

One character from a book or movie you would love to meet and have a conversation with?
Hugo from The Invention of Hugo Cabret.

Coffee or tea?
Neither.  I just don’t enjoy anything without caffeine.  I do like iced chia from Starbucks.  Usually I prefer smoothies, though.

What did you last dream about?
Last night I dreamt I was running all over this warehouse.  It was stressful, and I literally remember nothing else, but it was one of those recurring dreams.

If you could live anywhere for a month where would it be?
A few years after the civil war in a giant house.  Think of the gorgeous dresses I could wear!

What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
I enjoy creative writing, journaling, going for walks with my family and learning calligraphy.

What’s your favorite snack and beverage?
My favorite snack is avocado toast with lemon juice, swiss cheese and pepper.  My favorite drink is water.  It’s the only thing I drink most of the time.

What’s the least stressful and most enjoyable time of year for you?
It really depends.  I love spring and summer, though.  Everything and everyone seems so full of life, hope and vigor.

What are you most looking forward to in the remainder of 2018?
Simply seeing what God has in store for me.  I don’t know what this year is going to bring me, so I’m trying to soak up every moment of my life.

~ Ella Marie



March 09, 2018

Blogging is tricky, but once you actually learn those tricks it can make a night and day difference.  When I first started blogging I knew absolutely NOTHING about it.  I didn't even have an email account.  But look at me now!  I'm not an expert, but I definitely know more than I used to.    

Over time I learned about image sizing, how to write posts people want to read and many more tips.  My number one resources have always been Pinterest and Google.  With the help of the internet you can learn anything.  

But did I ever wish someone would hand me over the advice, without me having to dig for it?  Heck yes!  I would set out with a goal in mind,  but end up reading dozens of articles before finding the information I needed.

I don't want you to go through the same struggles I went through, and that is why I want to begin bring you more posts about growing and improving your blog.  I've done a few blogging related posts before and now this one is one of the most popular I've ever published.    
Taiya Maddison gave me the idea for this series when she asked me to collaborate with her on a blogging help post.  She is writing about blogging resources every girl needs to know about, so I would definitely check out that post if I were you.

Taiya is one of my FAVORITE bloggers out there.  Her blog is aesthetic, her bedroom is aesthetic, her Instagram is aesthetic.  Man, everything about this girl is aesthetic.    

Today I'll be talking about everything image related. How to make them, get them and edit them in five easy steps.

1. Finding Photos
If you're like me you do not own an expensive camera or have the time/skills to pull of taking all the photos for your blog. That's why I began using sites with free stock images. Through my research I found three amazing sites with photos I love. Pixbay, Barn Images and Unsplash. Unsplash being the one I use most often.

2. Choosing Your Image
Now you know where to get images, so how do you choose which ones? For my feature images I try to stick to photos with a clean light color scheme. Anything too busy or dark usually doesn't work. Another thing to keep in mind with the picture is that it's only the foundation of the feature image. The point of a feature image is to convey some sort of information to the person seeing it. In this case, what the blog post is about and how it will help them. Your title should nearly beg them to read.
That said, try to pick an image that's easy to work with. That way the words are very easy to read even at a slight distance or quick glance.

3. Editing Sites
After you've chose and downloaded your image it's time to edit. There are loads of editing sites out there, but I would recommend using PicMonkey. It's free for use and hassle free as well.

4. The Editing Process

First things first upload your image into PicMonkey. After you've done that it should look like this.

Click the butterfly on the left hand side to look at the overlays. I usually use two rectangles and two circles. When I click on them they'll be black. Using the control panel on the right I can change the color, fade it and much more. I like to fade all my overlays. After resizing and changing the colors it'll look like this.

Next click one the "T" for Text. Click on the font you want to use, then on "Add Text." A little bubble should pop up on your image, saying "Type Your Text Here." Now's the time to add in that catchy title you came up with.

5. Finishing Up
Create a daft in your blogging site and add the image you just created. Sometimes I find out after uploading it that it's the wrong size, or very blurry, so I go back and either edit it, or start from scratch.

There you have! The easy way to create Pinterest worthy feature images. 
Have you ever struggled to get Pinterest worthy photos?  What's your favorite place to get images?  Do you read Taiya's blog?  Are you stoked for this new blogging series?

~ Ella Marie

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