February 17, 2018

Once upon a time a young eleven-year-old girl named Ella auditioned for a show.  When cast, she instantly fell in love with the world of live theatre.

True story.  Ever since then I've been doing theatre whenever I get the chance.  I know I haven't spoken about it much on my blog, but it's definitely something I'm involved in. 

When Abby (a fellow thespian) emailed me about a theatre collab I was so pumped.  Together we've compiled a list of 10 things you might not know about theatre.  You absolutely have to check out Abby's post, because it's hilarious and wonderful and very realatable.     

Without further ado, here are five things you might not know about theatre.
Theatre friends are the best friends.  They're loud, they'll sing Broadway songs with you and you can quote lines together!  What could possibly be better?  Plus when you're cast as a family you literally become a strange, dysfunctional family.  

Interchanging People’s Real Names With Character Names
This happens all the time! I'll be calling for some people and say, "Haily, Puddleglum, John, come over here." If you didn't know the people well, it could be extremely confusing.

Ensemble is just as Important
I cannot stress this enough.  ENSEMBLE IS IMPORTANT.  And let me tell you a secret, when you're ensemble you get in on all of the backstage jokes and memories.

Audition Nerves
Some people are cool with auditions and then there's the rest of humanity. I,
for one, hate auditions. I usually don't mind performances, but auditions
make me question every decision I've ever made.

Post Show Depression
Also know as P. S. D.  This is the very worst part of theatre.  The ending.  It's so much a part of your life, but after the last performance I always feel like something is missing.  I may or may not cry at the end of every show.  Okay, I do.  It's just so sad, you know?

Are a thespian as well?  Isn't Abby's blog great?  What is your favorite Broadway show?  Please don't ask me to choose mine.  Talk to me in the comments!    

~ Ella Marie



February 12, 2018

Today I'm giving you a sneak peek into my daily life.  When I posted 10 things about me, I got such a positive response, I decided to start posting more about my daily life.  Both Buttercup and I will be talking about our morning routine. 

Buttercup is one of the sweetest bloggers I've met, so when she emailed me about a collab I jumped to it.  After bouncing around some ideas, we finally settled for this one, and boy, am I happy we did!  Don't forget to check out her blog post and leave her a kind comment. 

My Morning Routine

First things first I get a glass of water.  I've read its very good for your health to drink a cup right when you wake up.  Then I grab my bible and read a chapter.  I write down some of my favorite verses in my bible journal.  Then I take out my bullet journal and check my agenda for the day as well as writing down anything else I need to do.   

Next I do a quick yoga workout.  My absolute favorite app is called Stretchit.  And to be completely honest, I just do the workout in my pajamas.  I literally own zero workout clothes, so I took a photo of my sister's just for aesthetics sake.  Yoga is my favorite type of workout because it leaves you feeling loose and limber, as well as rejuvenated.    

Next I eat breakfast.  My family has never been one to make fancy breakfasts, so I usually grab a bowl of cereal.  This is my go-to cereal as its fairly filling and also delicious.  I would probably skip it some days, but I did once and felt terrible, so now I make sure to eat every morning.    

After breakfast I make my bed, get dressed, then do my hair and makeup.  These are my daily makeup products.  I LOVE L'Oreal mascara most of all.  *heart-eyes* 

After I'm that, I'm ready get going!  Most days I stay home in the morning (since I'm home-schooled), but a few days every week I get out of the house earlier.  

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What does your morning routine look like?  Do you like my new graphics?  Would you like to see makeup tutorials on my blog?  What about my lifestyle posts?  Are you enjoying these collabs?  Don't forget to check out Buttercup's blog post!    

~ Ella Marie



February 07, 2018

When Kalea and I decided to collaborate on a post about joy I thought it would be easy.  "I'm a joyful person," I thought.  As I began to write this post, though, I began to re-evaluate the true meaning of joy.  I started this post time after time, but I couldn't seem to make it work.  It felt as if I was writing empty, meaningless words.  And that's when I realized I was trying to tell you how to be happy-not joyful. 

What the real difference between happiness and joyfulness?  Quite a bit it seems.  According to the 1800s Merriam Webster's dictionary the definition of joy is... 

JOY is a delight of the mind, from the consideration of the present or assured approaching possession of a good.  

While the definition of happiness is...

HAPPINESSnoun [from happy.] The agreeable sensations which spring from the enjoyment of good; that state of a being in which his desires are gratified, by the enjoyment of pleasure without pain 

 To me, this means happiness is a wonderful feeling when things go your way.  Joy is having the hope of Jesus to look forward to even during dark hours.  The "approaching possession of good."

Now that I have established a foundation of what joy is, here are 3 ways on how to live joyfully.

1.  Lower Your Expectations  

One of the main causes of depression is having un-meet-able exceptions for life, others and yourself.  When you wake up in the morning do you usually think which of the following.  

Person A: "Well, I have so much to do today.  I can't believe I didn't get up on time.  Dang it, my room is such a mess.  Why doesn't my sister ever clean up her stuff?"

Person B: "Look at how gorgeous the sky looks today!  It was so nice of my mom to let me sleep in since she knew I was extra tired.  Man, my sister sure had to leave early.  Maybe I can make her bed for her."

If I am completely honest, I'm usually person A in the morning and during life in general.  If I was the one reading this post would I judge person A?  Absolutely!  See?  Right there is an example of having high expectation for others.

I can't tell you how to lower your expectation since everyone is so different.  But I wanted to throw it out there was something to become aware of.

2.  Keep Life Interesting

If you do the exact same thing every singe day you''ll become terribly bored!  So try to mix up your days.  Instead of having the exact same type of cereal in the morning, try out a smoothie.  Learn about Jazz, or take up a new hobby.  My point is, experiment in your life!

3.  Stay Healthy 

A healthy body is makes a healthy life-or joyful, to stick with the theme.  When I exercise I have load more energy and feel far less iritable.  I challenge you to exercise for you week and see how you feel.

"One day or day one, you decide."

What are a few way you stay joyful?  What's your favorite workout routine?  I'm looking for a new one.  What does joy mean to you?  Have you checked out Kalea's post?  

~ Ella Marie  

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