November 17, 2017

In our culture we are constantly told busy = success.  Whether it's studying for school, writing blog posts, working, caring for others or exploring our passion, we are always busy.  Do you ever feel guilty for taking a day off to relax?  We think any resting we do is lazy, especially when there are deadlines to meet.  But sometimes we simply need to give it a break.  Let go of all the things you need to do, and take some time to let your mind and body recuperate.

Whether you have time for a whole day off, or only an hour, here are a few things to help you de-stress and relax.

Obviously, you can call pure laziness recuperating, but I think we all know the difference.

Accept You Could Be Doing Something More Productive

You can't do everything.  Admit it.  Sometimes we say, "Oh, if I just got up earlier," or "If only I didn't waste my time doing this," or "If I skip breakfast I'll be able to do it,".  True, if you never had to eat or sleep or take care of yourself in any way you probably could get a lot more done.  But then you would try to pile even more things on your to-do list.  Accept you are human; henceforth, won't be able to do everything

Electronics Out
Turn on a happy playlist, then put your phone away and your laptop is officially off limits.  Don't touch them again for at least an hour.  Social media can wait. Your assignment can wait.  Who cares if your mom is texting you-just kidding, respond ASAP.  I mean, it's your mom, what are you thinking? 

Get Comfortable

Change into something comfortable and cute, it's possible, but doesn't matter too much.  Then throw your hair up in something stable.  I personally am more irritable if my hair keeps getting in my face.

Clean Your Space

Clean your house/room.  Get it tidy and lovely and clean.  I don't know about you, but I cannot relax in a chaotic environment, which is exactly how my room feels when it's messy.  Is my room always clean?  Who knows!  But clean rooms always feel better, so just do it, as Nike would say.  

I personally like to clean like crazy if I’m mad, sad or stressed.  I’ll set the timer for 10 minutes and literally run around the house putting things away.  It helps me get out energy and those built up emotions.     


Sit down in your freshly cleaned space and ask yourself, "What do I need to do today?"  Write down anything you can think of, everything is clearer on paper.  Now ask yourself, "What must be done today?"  Take out your list again and mark anything non-essential off.  Know figure out how long it should take you to get everything else done.  Subtract how much time those things will take and then you have how much time you can relax.  This will make you feel so much better.  

Your Health Matters

Drink a glass of water and make yourself something delicious and nutritious (or nufritious as I used to say when I was little).  When was the last time you ate something healthy?  Probably a while ago. 

Give Yourself a Facial

First, clean your bathroom so that way nothing starts falling off the counters.  Then prepare your supplies.  For an easy face scrub mix coconut oil and sugar.  White or brown works.  Exfoliate by gently rubbing it in circular motions.  Then rinse in warm water.
For as soothing max grab an avocado, mash it up and apply.  After a few minutes (10 to 20), rinse it off in warm water.
After using a scrub or mask apply and acne treatments you use, then toner and moisturizer.   

Get in a little cardio

Go for it.  Do some jumping jacks, or jump rope with your little sister.  Exercise releases happy endorphins which makes for a happier you!     


Sometimes all you need is a nap.  Although I personally can’t take naps, there are those of you who can.  Lay down for a while and let the dream world come and rejuvenate you. 

If napping isn’t your thing, try stretching.  Don’t push yourself too much or stress about it.  Go to where it hurts a little and breath.  I like to close my eyes when I stretch.  It helps me to focus and relax. 

Do something you love

Whether it’s reading, dancing, coloring petting your cat, or laughing with your family.  Stimulate those happy vibes.  Make time for your family.  They really, really love you.  Show them how much you love them.  

~ Ella Marie
Talk to Me

Are you always on the go?  How do you find time to relax?  What are your favorite ways to wind down after a hectic week?  Are you a nap person?  Does your hair drive your crazy when it's in your face?  Are you having a stress-free day?  Chat with me in the comments below!    




November 15, 2017

 I love writing.  I think about writing more than I can say.  But how often do I really write?  Not much, unfortunately.  

A week or so ago I found out Carol was in need of a few new people to participate in her Cameras and Pens challenge.  I jumped at the opportunity.  She was so sweet to accept me.  So, without further ado, here is my poem.  
I Fell In Love With Her

I’m not sure why I fell in love with her
You never loved me
It wasn’t really love
I thought this was real
I saw her crying
You don’t care about me
She looked at me
So I’ll turn away
And smiled
To hide my tears
She gave me her number
I block your number
I gave her mine
I know you’ll block mine
I said I love you
I did love you
She said it too
And I still do
Then I stopped meaning it
You never meant it, but
I never stood a chance, did I?
That’s the sad part-you did, once
But I never forgot you
I’ll forgive and forget
Did you ever love me?
I’m not sure why I fell in love with you

I apologize for the short post, but hope you enjoyed to poem.  I'd love to hear any constructive criticism you have for me.  And don't forget to check out Carol's blog

Look out for an exciting post on Saturday!

~ Ella Marie

Do you write very often?  What's your favorite thing you've ever written?  Have you checked out the Cameras and Pens Challenge?  Would you like to read more of my writing?  



November 11, 2017

Guys, I really don't want to say this, but fall is almost over.  Well, according to the calendar it's going to last for a while longer, but the golden colors are starting to fall to the ground.  When fall first started I was actually upset.  I had such an amazing summer this year, that I really didn't want it to end.  Of course, I always fall in love with fall, so after a few days I was fairly pleased with the weather again.  The worst part of fall is the fact that  it ends.  And when fall ends, it means a cold, sloppy, grey mess called winter is coming.  And I don't like being cold, so I believe winter should be banned.  Case closed.  But, fall hasn't disappeared yet, so here are a few things to do before you can't be outside without a snow-suit.  


Get things done.  I know, I know.  Who wants to spend their time working on boring things, when you could be outside playing in leaves.  But doing what you inevitable have to before a few hours of procrastination will make ease the ache out of it.   I’m not even going to try and say I do this, because it'd be a complete lie.  But I do it sometimes, and it makes me feel so much better. 


Get up early, I mean, really early.  Even if you don’t do this every day, do it every now and then.  Get up before the sun and sit on your back porch with hot cider and a blanket.  I’m not even going to give you any reasons, just do it.  Let the fresh air bite your nose, let the sun slowly fill your lungs-feel alive. 


Have a fall photoshoot!  I've already done two this year and the photos turned out gorgeously.  If you look on Pinterest there are so many fall photoshoot ideas, looking at them just makes me giddy with delight. 


Get into the habit of exercising daily.  I know a lot of people who play sports in the fall, but by the time winter rolls around they don't exercise at all.  If you need some inspiration you can try this one here.  My legs were sore for two days.  Or this one here, which is geared toward ballerinas.  Even if you don't try it, those girls are insanely flexible.      


Two words: FALL FASHION.  *distant squeals*  Whenever fall comes my style improves 1000% in a snap.  Something about having more layers on makes people just look better.  I never go “seasonal” shopping, although I do shop my own closet.  I usually get new jeans, but that about tops it off.  I like to turn outfits on their heads, by looking up certain clothing items on Pinterest.  Such as, grey cardigan outfits (my personal favorite).  I often find new ways to wear old clothes.   It’s brilliant, my friend. 

I tend to read much more in the fall.  Don't ask me why, it just tends to happen.  Some of my favorite fall reads are as follows.

.  Anne of Green Gables
.  The Penderwicks on Gardam Street
.  Winter Cottage
.  From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
.  Esperanza Rising

If you have any clean wholesome books you love, I'd love to hear about them!

Ella Marie

Talk to Me

Do you love Autumn?  Do you miss summer, even a little bit?  What are your favorite books?  Do you read fiction on non-fiction more?  What are your favorite fall fashions?  Do you play any sports?  Have you done a fall photo-shoot?  Are you a procrastinator like me?  Or do you get things done right when you need to?  I know this was a rather thrown-together book, but I've suddenly been struck with a novel idea and can't think of anything else.     

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