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In our culture we are constantly told busy = success.  Whether it's studying for school, writing blog posts, working, caring for others or exploring our passion, we are always busy.  Do you ever feel guilty for taking a day off to relax?  We think any resting we do is lazy, especially when there are deadlines to meet.  But sometimes we simply need to give it a break.  Let go of all the things you need to do, and take some time to let your mind and body recuperate.

Whether you have time for a whole day off, or only an hour, here are a few things to help you de-stress and relax.

Obviously, you can call pure laziness recuperating, but I think we all know the difference.

Accept You Could Be Doing Something More Productive

You can't do everything.  Admit it.  Sometimes we say, "Oh, if I just got up earlier," or "If only I didn't waste my time doing this," or "If I skip breakfast I'll be able to do it,".  True, if you never had to eat or sleep or take care of yourself in any way you probably could get a lot more done.  But then you would try to pile even more things on your to-do list.  Accept you are human; henceforth, won't be able to do everything

Electronics Out
Turn on a happy playlist, then put your phone away and your laptop is officially off limits.  Don't touch them again for at least an hour.  Social media can wait. Your assignment can wait.  Who cares if your mom is texting you-just kidding, respond ASAP.  I mean, it's your mom, what are you thinking? 

Get Comfortable

Change into something comfortable and cute, it's possible, but doesn't matter too much.  Then throw your hair up in something stable.  I personally am more irritable if my hair keeps getting in my face.

Clean Your Space

Clean your house/room.  Get it tidy and lovely and clean.  I don't know about you, but I cannot relax in a chaotic environment, which is exactly how my room feels when it's messy.  Is my room always clean?  Who knows!  But clean rooms always feel better, so just do it, as Nike would say.  

I personally like to clean like crazy if I’m mad, sad or stressed.  I’ll set the timer for 10 minutes and literally run around the house putting things away.  It helps me get out energy and those built up emotions.     


Sit down in your freshly cleaned space and ask yourself, "What do I need to do today?"  Write down anything you can think of, everything is clearer on paper.  Now ask yourself, "What must be done today?"  Take out your list again and mark anything non-essential off.  Know figure out how long it should take you to get everything else done.  Subtract how much time those things will take and then you have how much time you can relax.  This will make you feel so much better.  

Your Health Matters

Drink a glass of water and make yourself something delicious and nutritious (or nufritious as I used to say when I was little).  When was the last time you ate something healthy?  Probably a while ago. 

Give Yourself a Facial

First, clean your bathroom so that way nothing starts falling off the counters.  Then prepare your supplies.  For an easy face scrub mix coconut oil and sugar.  White or brown works.  Exfoliate by gently rubbing it in circular motions.  Then rinse in warm water.
For as soothing max grab an avocado, mash it up and apply.  After a few minutes (10 to 20), rinse it off in warm water.
After using a scrub or mask apply and acne treatments you use, then toner and moisturizer.   

Get in a little cardio

Go for it.  Do some jumping jacks, or jump rope with your little sister.  Exercise releases happy endorphins which makes for a happier you!     


Sometimes all you need is a nap.  Although I personally can’t take naps, there are those of you who can.  Lay down for a while and let the dream world come and rejuvenate you. 

If napping isn’t your thing, try stretching.  Don’t push yourself too much or stress about it.  Go to where it hurts a little and breath.  I like to close my eyes when I stretch.  It helps me to focus and relax. 

Do something you love

Whether it’s reading, dancing, coloring petting your cat, or laughing with your family.  Stimulate those happy vibes.  Make time for your family.  They really, really love you.  Show them how much you love them.  

~ Ella Marie
Talk to Me

Are you always on the go?  How do you find time to relax?  What are your favorite ways to wind down after a hectic week?  Are you a nap person?  Does your hair drive your crazy when it's in your face?  Are you having a stress-free day?  Chat with me in the comments below!    


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  1. This so true! (and helpful!) Schools been REALLY busy lately and frankly I'm exhausted, so tomorrow's time out😂❤️ xxx

  2. I have been learning the importance of self-care and relaxation lately, so this is super helpful for me! I completely agree with you on the exercise thing. It makes me feel like a completely different, stress-free person. ❤️

    1. Good for you! Yes, it helps so much! Thanks for the sweet comment, Abi!

  3. Whenever I have one of those super lazy days where I don’t really do anything I always feel super bad about it but I really need to tekl myself it’s ok. Awesome post!

    1. I usually do too. Taking a whole day off often makes me feel lazy, so I try to do slightly productive things even while resting. Thanks!

  4. When you're harried, tired, sick, hurt or just miserable, it's resting. *winks*

    I have (or really I should say had) a very hectic lifestyle. My favorite ways to wind down are reading, and watching TV/movies.

    Awesome post, Ella!!


    1. Haha, that's very true. Thanks for the sweet comment!

  5. Great post!! So many people are SO busy. It is kinda sad. I try to stay balenced. ;)

    1. Thank you!!! Right? It's crazy. It's hard to find a middle ground sometimes. <3

  6. This was cute and fun. I have a hard time with accepting I can't do everything and oh so accidentally ignoring my health. I've been learning how to nap, actually. It's hard but I think I'm getting the hang of it. I'll have to keep these tips in mind!

    1. It's so hard to pay attention to everything, isn't it? Thanks for the comment, Josie!

  7. My constant struggle in life - finding time in the day for everything. Sometimes, I think I have to do everything. Cram it all in, in one day. Can somebody just say, stressful??? Being this type of person, I will feel like I'm being lazy just taking a few minutes to sit down and read a book!! This post helped me get back to reality and realize that everyone needs a break. There's always a time to chill and breathe.

    Thank you for this post!!

    ♥ Emma Joy

    1. Yes, I was writing to all the overachievers out there. I'm so happy this helped you out! <3

  8. This is so relevant right now, thank you! Sometimes you just need someone to tell you how to relax :)

    1. I'm so happy it helped! Yes, we all need that sometimes. <3

  9. Aww, such great ideas! Days off are always a struggle because I'm caught between the mindset of "DO NOTHING!" and yet "DO EVERYTHING!"

    And UGH. Cleaning. Having a clean workplace inspires and motivates me so much, but I AM THE WORST AT KEEPING IT CLEAN. I'm looking at my room right now and it's a absolute disaster. Ugh. xD

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Same! I want to do everything I possible can, but that usually ends up with me discouraged, tired and missing out on some amazing little moments.

      My room is usually clean until I have to get dressed. Ugh. How do people keep their room clean all the time?

      Thanks for the sweet comment, Katie!

  10. We really do need to allow ourselves time to rest. It's hard to keep going and going, but accepting that we need to just recharge and spend time doing nothing in particular helps. And I agree that cleaning my room really helps! I can't get anything done unless my room is clean. It clutters my mind, yo.

    1. Yes, rest is so important. It really does! Thank you for the comment, Erin!


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