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Every blogger dreams of having thousands of followers.  It's a known fact so don't deny it.  I mean, who doesn't want people to read those posts you work so hard on?  If you've been a blogger for a while, or started yesterday, then you might be looking to gain more followers.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing - on the contrary, if you have some sort of insight from beyond you NEED to share it with us.

I've written a post on how to direct traffic to your blog 24/7, so you're getting followers, but how do you keep them?

Today I'm going to tell you 6 things bloggers do to make me hit that unfollow button.

1.  Poor Design

We are visual people by nature.  If something isn’t pretty, we ain't buying.  I used to have so much trouble with this.  I wanted a gorgeous design, nice graphics, etc. but I had no idea HOW to get them.

I've mentioned Gooyaabi Templates before, which is amazing!  It even gives instruction on how to download it onto your blog.  I 10/10 recommend.

As for graphics...  I'm still not a pro when it comes to them.  The ones I use currently are my favorite yet.  But to be completely honest, I don't even remember where I got them.  You really can find anything on Google, it just takes a little effort.

2.  Bad images

This sort of goes along with the last one, but I decide to give it category of its own.  Bad images are the absolute worst.  But at the same time, don't use photos off of Pinterest or random sites because they are not free!!!

If you can't take your own photos, use stock image sites like Unsplash or Pixbay, which have free, legal photos.  It's a win-win situation!

3.  Grammatical Errors

There is nothing more annoying than misspelled words and grammatical errors.  Please, please, PLEASE read through your posts several times before publishing them.

I know I have typos in my posts sometimes and my grammar isn't perfect.  But at least try.  Know the difference between your and you're; there, their, and they're.  If you're unsure, then look it up!  Like I said before, Google can teach you anything. 

4.  Inconsistent Posting Schedule

One thing I always check a blog for is when did they last post?  If it has been more than a couple weeks I unfollow-simple as that.  Of course there are exceptions.  Sometimes bloggers must take a hiatus, I get that.  But if you don't tell your readers they might think you've disappeared forever. 

Even if you aren't able to post often don't worry.  You don't need daily blog posts to engage readers.  Try to be consistent.  I've found that weekly posts are just enough for me.  I have a whole 7 days* to write, edit, create images, format and promote my post.    

*Let's be honest, I do it all the day before most of the time.

5.  Odd Writing Voice

Be yourself!  This is so hard.  Especially when you read other blogs (like a good blogger) because of the different styles.  Never ever try to sound like another blogger. 

While you can't avoid talking about the same subjects, you can find your own writing style. 

It has taken me a while to get my writing style down.  It doesn't come easily - writing style is a muscle that must be worked.  Now I know the way I write my posts, I know how to engage with my readers.  But I still enjoy trying out new things. 

6.  Personal Preference

Sometimes there will be a blog that I like, but I simply don't connect.  It's not the bloggers fault, I'm the one not feeling it.  And so, I unfollow.

Don't beat yourself up about losing a follower or two.  In no time at all you will have replaced them with new followers.  Don't give up on your blog or your followers.  YOU CAN DO THIS.

One last thing, my friends Clara and Megan are both celebrating exciting milestones on their blogs with giveaways.  Be sure to check those out and have a fabulous day!

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What is one blogging pet peeve of yours?  How long have you been blogging?  Are you guilty of any of these?  I know I am.  Hit me up in the comment and tell me what’s up!

          Ella Marie

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  1. I agree with all of these things! Great post :)

  2. I UNDERSTAND THIS SO MUCH! Content and how much effort really shows on the internet. I am a person who will hit that unfollow fast if it's not working out. Sorry HUN we are gonna break up now.

    Simply Me

    1. AHH, thank you, Vanessa! Yes! Too bad it isn't easy-peasy, but it is worth the challenge. Haha, same XD

  3. Mmmm.... I have such a hard time hitting the unfollow button. If somebody follows my blog and leaves a web address I can follow, I want so bad to follow it, and I have the hardest time unfollowing because I am one of those people who just hates to hurt people's feelings (although there was that one time...). On purpose, shall we say. ;)
    I really don't like it when I see a focus always, always on media/negativity. I like to see some refreshing and God-honoring posts come through. I like to see people say something encouraging...

    1. Awww, that's so tenderhearted of you. If I don't know the person, I don't really feel any obligation. But, hey, we need more people like you around!
      Yeah? Thanks for the input!

  4. haha I honestly have a hard time keeping track of all the blogs I follow..I haven't even gone back and unfollowed the bloggers that don't blog anymore. oops. xP XD anyways, great post!

    1. I can't stand a cluttered, uh, news feed (shall we call it that?), so I go through and unfollow almost monthly. Guess I'm a little OCD about it - whoops!

  5. Love this! My grammer is always so bad I really need to work on it haha.

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. Thank you!! Haha, it's all good, though. ^.^

  6. Great post! So often I just keep doing what I've been doing over and over, even if it's really bad. I revamped my blog last year to use a cleaner design and better graphics, and I personally think it helped a lot!

    1. SAME! It's hard to get out of a rut, sometimes. Oh yes, I love the freedom to change my theme whenever I want. It's so refreshing, don't you think?

  7. I agree! Even me I have the same reason if I want to unfollow a certain blogger.


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