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2017 IS HERE!  Que the confetti, noise makers and excited screaming.  This year has been the best of my life and I don't know how it's already over.  2017 was hard.  Like, really hard.  It was full of blood, sweat and tears.  Well, mostly tears.  But it was also full of laughing so hard my stomach hurt, becoming closer and closer to my family and friends and also meeting new people.  I feel that I learned so much this year.  Such as the fact I can learn 211 lines within two months.  But more importantly, it was a year of growth and happiness. 

Yearly Highlights

These are the first things I thought of, so I suppose they must be the most important to me.

.  Playing Wendy in Peter Pan.  My amazing friends played Peter and Tink.  This was seriously the most incredible, magical experience for me.  It literally changed my outlook on life and I think I literally was Wendy for those 4 months.   

.  Filming for a friend's movie.  Although I prefer theatre, it was an awesome experience to cameo in his film.

.  Spotlight.  Although I didn't have a large role or anything, this show was a blast.  We were in a real, beautiful theatre.  So many incredible memories were made in this show.  Plus I can now sort of dance!

.  Starting February Fairy.  I want to formally thank every single one of you amazing followers, but since that would take quite a while, I'd like to mention the ones who've been the most encouraging to me.  Abbie, Charis, Audrey, Megan and so many others that I can't think of right now. 
.  So.  Many.  Weddings.  I think we went to about 10 this year. 

.  Going to Magnolia Farms

.  Completely giving up on any sort of sleep schedule.  Some days I'm up by 7 and other days it's closer to noon. 

.  Laughter is life.  I laugh so much.  So loud and it is so great.

.  Writing poetry when I can't sleep.  The majority are titled "I Can't Sleep."

.  Really thinking about cutting my hair.  It's been long as long as I can remember and I think it may be time for a change.

.  Meeting so many amazing bloggers.

.  The ABQ balloon fiesta!

.  Getting a little more into photography. 

.  All of this reminiscing is making me so sad.  Okay, this is enough tears, onto my goals for this year!

2018 Goals

I don't make resolutions, because they kind of stress me out.  They don't leave room for mistakes.  With resolutions it's either make it or break it.  But goals are something you shoot for.  Something you work at, and even when you mess up, you can start again. 

.  Spend less time on social media, (I'm actually taking a week long break right now).

.  Stretch consistently.

.  Get my driver's permit.

.  Read 50 books. 

.  Complete the Gaps diet.

.  Keep up with my bullet journal.

.  Reach 100 followers on February Fairy.

.  Live more, worry less. 

Word of the Year - Diligence 

It was my Mom's idea to have a word of the year, and mine is diligence.  It's something I struggle with, as I'm always abandoning projects halfway through.  

Coming up

.  Well, my sister got engaged on Monday, so we have her wedding coming up.

.  So much blogging.  I hope to really grow my blog this year.

.  My Mom and I are planning on completely re-organizing and de-cluttering our house.  I can't wait!

.  I'm hoping to audition for Encore's! spring show.  I can't say what it is yet, but I know it's going to be amazing!  

.  I honestly don't know what my life has in store, but I know it's going to be amazing.    

Can you believe it's already 2018?  Do you make goals or resolutions?  What's something you want to do this year?  How many books do you want to read this year?  What's your word of the year?  Do you have a bullet journal?  COMMENT BELOW AND TELL ME!  <3

~ Ella Marie

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  1. You did so many awesome things last year, I don't even know where to start to comment. Being Wendy in Peter Pan is so neat! And weddings sound awesome. Haven't been to one in a good while!! I'm kind of the same way with new year's resolutions as well. Surprised I even made a goals post which is up if you want to look. I'm interested in what the Gaps diet is. I'll be looking! Wishing you the very best!!!

    Simply Me

    1. I know! I'm so thankful for all of those wonderful opportunities. Yes! Ooh, I loved the Goals post. The Gaps diet is mainly for gut health. My sister did it a few months ago and was able to cure a case of Mono she had been battling for months. It's really great for overall health. You too!

  2. Wonderful post, Ella! Your goals are awesome and I love the "diligence" word goal. ...maybe I'll do that too.😊

    1. Thank you, Kalea! Yes, it's really helpful for me to focus on my goals. <3

  3. Sounds like a lovely year. And I think there's another great one coming!

    So I made a goal to read 50 books as well! Seemed like a good number. :)

    And I'm tackling my BJ to be more...useful. :)

    1. Yes, it was! I hope so! That's great! Definitely a good number. Nice, go get 'em, girl!

  4. Congrats to your sister!!!

    You've got a great set of goals, Ella! I'm sure you'll be able to accomplish them :)


    1. I'll tell her you said so! <3 Thank you, Catherine! Me too. <3

  5. Spending less time on social media...YES. It's so essential.

    Blogging was definitely one of the highlights of 2017 for me too! Making internet friends is the best. : )

    This year was actually the first that I've made goals for myself. I have them posted on my cork board so I can look at them everyday. We'll see how it goes. *nervous laughter*

    I also started a bullet journal for the first time. I'm really excited to see how it goes! I've heard so many wonderful things about it.

    Hope your 2018 is amazing!

    1. Ugh, I know! I'm so bad about it, honestly. Yes! It really is. I bet you'll do great on your goals! Really? That's great! I hope your 2018 is amazing, too!

  6. I hope you get your driver's permit soon! I also sympathize with the amazingness of being in shows-- honestly, they become your second family and whether or not you have a major role, the closeness and the relationships you make can't be replaced. Hope 2018 treats you well!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Me too! Yes. *insert all the heart-eye emoticons* It really can't. I love theatre families so much. <3 You too, Abigail!

  7. I can not at all believe it 2018! Although we’re already like 3 days in 😂 Good luck on all of your goals!

  8. Playing Wendy in Peter Pan must have been an amazing experience. I directed and wrote a low-key not truly professional children casted play of Peter Pan and it was AMAZING. Not the play that is, but just the experience.
    I too hope to reach 100 followers on my blog this year. Hopefully by February since that's when my two year blogaversary is.
    Also what is the Gap Diet? I've never heard of it, and I'm interested to hear more.

    1. It truly was magical! What? That's so cool! I bet the play was pretty amazing too. ;) Good luck! Aww, happy (early) blogaversary!

      The Gaps Diet is mainly a diet for overall health. Some people are even able to cure food allergies through it. Maybe I'll do a post about it!

  9. I can't believe it's 2018!! Looks like you had such an amazing year, I love your goals! I actually have the same reading goal as you, 50 books, though I'd like to try to read more than that if I can, I don't have a bullet journal but I've been thinking of taking up journaling. I definitely prefer making goals over resolutions!

    1. Me either! Where in the world did time go? I really did! Thanks, Hannah, dear. Nice! We can do this. You should totally do it!

  10. Oh my gosh, you probably made the best Wendy! I love this post so much, Ella! And I am so glad you joined the blogging world. It is honestly the best community. <3 :)

    It seems as though we both have similar goals! My goal is to read and blog more, improve my shop, spend less time on my phone, stretch, and journal more. Making resolutions stress me out as well so I try not to do them, but this year I made some and I feel like I can really stick to them. *fingers crossed*

    Have a lovely year, Ella! Can't wait to see what you have coming. :)

    xx Kenzie

    1. Aww, that literally brings tears to my eyes. <3 Thank you, Kenzie! It really is. It's so encouraging a supportive.

      Really? That's great! Yuss, stretching is so great. Since I've started a have become much more healthy and more confident in my body (more capable and happy with my abilities). Best of luck to you, darling! <3

  11. WOW. Your year sounds like it was amazing! I cant believe it's already a new year. It's so sad! That's so cool that you got to play Wendy!

    That's a great word choice, Ella! My word for the year is forgiveness- this past year was a very stressful one for me, and I really want to focus on just forgiving people this year, and moving past hurt and bitterness.

    I totally hope you boss your goals for 2018, Ella!

    1. Me either! Yeah, 2017 was really an awesome year. Yes, it was seriously the best!

      Ooh, that's a great word. Really hard, but great.

      Same, girl! <3


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