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Blogging is tricky, but once you actually learn those tricks it can make a night and day difference.  When I first started blogging I knew absolutely NOTHING about it.  I didn't even have an email account.  But look at me now!  I'm not an expert, but I definitely know more than I used to.    

Over time I learned about image sizing, how to write posts people want to read and many more tips.  My number one resources have always been Pinterest and Google.  With the help of the internet you can learn anything.  

But did I ever wish someone would hand me over the advice, without me having to dig for it?  Heck yes!  I would set out with a goal in mind,  but end up reading dozens of articles before finding the information I needed.

I don't want you to go through the same struggles I went through, and that is why I want to begin bring you more posts about growing and improving your blog.  I've done a few blogging related posts before and now this one is one of the most popular I've ever published.    
Taiya Maddison gave me the idea for this series when she asked me to collaborate with her on a blogging help post.  She is writing about blogging resources every girl needs to know about, so I would definitely check out that post if I were you.

Taiya is one of my FAVORITE bloggers out there.  Her blog is aesthetic, her bedroom is aesthetic, her Instagram is aesthetic.  Man, everything about this girl is aesthetic.    

Today I'll be talking about everything image related. How to make them, get them and edit them in five easy steps.

1. Finding Photos
If you're like me you do not own an expensive camera or have the time/skills to pull of taking all the photos for your blog. That's why I began using sites with free stock images. Through my research I found three amazing sites with photos I love. Pixbay, Barn Images and Unsplash. Unsplash being the one I use most often.

2. Choosing Your Image
Now you know where to get images, so how do you choose which ones? For my feature images I try to stick to photos with a clean light color scheme. Anything too busy or dark usually doesn't work. Another thing to keep in mind with the picture is that it's only the foundation of the feature image. The point of a feature image is to convey some sort of information to the person seeing it. In this case, what the blog post is about and how it will help them. Your title should nearly beg them to read.
That said, try to pick an image that's easy to work with. That way the words are very easy to read even at a slight distance or quick glance.

3. Editing Sites
After you've chose and downloaded your image it's time to edit. There are loads of editing sites out there, but I would recommend using PicMonkey. It's free for use and hassle free as well.

4. The Editing Process

First things first upload your image into PicMonkey. After you've done that it should look like this.

Click the butterfly on the left hand side to look at the overlays. I usually use two rectangles and two circles. When I click on them they'll be black. Using the control panel on the right I can change the color, fade it and much more. I like to fade all my overlays. After resizing and changing the colors it'll look like this.

Next click one the "T" for Text. Click on the font you want to use, then on "Add Text." A little bubble should pop up on your image, saying "Type Your Text Here." Now's the time to add in that catchy title you came up with.

5. Finishing Up
Create a daft in your blogging site and add the image you just created. Sometimes I find out after uploading it that it's the wrong size, or very blurry, so I go back and either edit it, or start from scratch.

There you have! The easy way to create Pinterest worthy feature images. 
Have you ever struggled to get Pinterest worthy photos?  What's your favorite place to get images?  Do you read Taiya's blog?  Are you stoked for this new blogging series?

~ Ella Marie

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  1. I LOVE this post, Ella! Thanks again for collaborating with me, it's been so much fun! <3

    Xx Taiya Maddison

    1. Thank you so much, Taiya! You were so sweet to ask me to collab. I loved your post. <3

  2. holy smokes, i love your blog!! everything's just so clean and pretty and aesthetic and <333 great tutorial too!

    - suzy | galactic daydreams

    1. Aww, Suzie. This comment made my day. You're literally the sweetest thing. Thank you SO much.

  3. This was a great post, Ella!! I have one question, though... how are you saving the graphics you create in PicMonkey? Thanks! :)

    -Clara <3

    1. Oh, I just realized I've been using my mom's premium account. I totally forgot about how you can't save in the free version anymore. *face-palm* Sorry about that!

  4. I LOVE UNSPLASH. I've been using it for a while and it is by far my favorite stock photo site.

    1. Isn't it the best ever? Mine too. I didn't know about it when I first started blogging, though. So it has up-ed my blogging game x10 since then.

  5. Unsplash + PicMonkey = my two favorite resources for photo editing!!!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Mine too! Photo editing team unite! *high-fives*

  6. Oh my goodness! This post really helped me! I use PicMonkey and I really like it! Thank you!

    Lily @

    1. You are more than welcome, Lily! I am thrilled to hear that the post helped you out.

  7. Ooh I didn't know about Barn Images! I'm always on the lookout for stock photos--I'll definitely have to check that out! Thanks!

    Is PicMonkey free again? A couple months ago they started charging to download our photos, so I switched to canva. If it is, I'll have to look into switching back!

  8. Thanks for sharing these helpful blog. I have learned a lot. This will help my Pinterest account get more repins.


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