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For a year now, I've known I'd be getting braces.  I went through mixed emotions about it.  Fear, anxiety, excitement, but now that I actually have them things are a little different than I expected.

So, today I decided to share my experience with getting braces plus things you need to know.

I also wanted to apologize for my lack of blog posts lately.  Although summer is here and I have plenty of time to blog, I simply haven't felt inspired and my posts seem drier and unhelpful.  If you have any blogging advice for me, please don't hesitate to comment below and tell me.  Thanks for understanding. <3 div="">

One Week Before

I went in the orthodontist to get my spacers/expanders, which were small rubber bands places between my back teeth.  The process was extremely speedy and we were out of the building in mere minutes.  

Although a lot of pressure was put on my teeth to get the spacers in, it didn't exactly hurt.  After a few hours my gums were sore and eating was a little uncomfortable.  

Of course, some people say spacers were the most painful part of their treatment, but they weren't that bad for me.  I hardly even noticed them after a few days.

Getting My Bottom Braces

I can assure you that I was supremely nervous to get my braces on.  What would they look like?  Would they hurt?  How long would it take?  These and many more questions flew threw my head.  

Once in the orthodontist's chair, they started by putting a large contraption in my mouth.  It helped keep my lips and tongue away from my teeth, while also drying out my mouth (which is very necessary, I learned).  

First, the assistant cleaned my teeth with soap, then came the real work.  

She applied a layer of glue to each of my bottom teeth, then put on the small, metal brackets.  Next my orthodontist came to adjust and re-adjust them until they were in the perfect spot.  The assistant then used a blue light to set the glue and after that I was allowed to take the contraption out of my mouth.  

My lips felt so dry I could barely even move them!  I was able to rinse my mouth with water (a very bitter taste was in my mouth), before sitting down again.  

Next she put the metal permanent spacers on my back teeth and set those with glue.  

Then came the wire.  After placing and cutting the wire to fit, she used rubber bands (I chose dark grey as they are less conspicuous) to keep it in place. 

After teaching me how to brush and care for them, I was done!

Later that Day

Since I got my bottom braces before my top, I was able to stretch the pain out over a two week period.   I’m so happy I did this, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to eat at all.   

I ate almost right after, but my teeth had already started to hurt, so I couldn't finish the meal.  By evening I couldn't eat anything easily and honestly, I was second guessing this whole braces thing.

Week One

My teeth hurt badly for a solid 4 days.  Now, it wasn't exactly a searing, unbearable pain.  More of a dull, deep itch. 

On the second day I was developing a few sores on my tongue and lips, so I used the wax they gave me at night.  It didn't completely eliminate the rubbing, but it did help. 

I didn't take any pain killers because they aren't very good for your stomach, but I drank lots of ice water which helped ease the pain. 

By the fifth day I was able to eat a hamburger, but I had to cut up the pickles as they were too hard to bite.  

Later that week I went out dancing with my friends.  I had been a little nervous before hand, wondering what they would think of them, but it was surprisingly natural.  Braces are something at least half the population gets now, so it wasn't that weird.  I few people didn't even say anything.  

Overall, the first week was hard, but not terrible.  I saw a little progress in the straightness of my teeth and also learned how long it can take to brush.

Getting My Top Braces

It was pretty much the same experience as getting my bottom, except my top are ceramic, meaning clear.  

After I got them on I ate a donut and lunch with absolutely no problem.  I could bite and chew almost normally.  Literally no pain plagued me for hours after getting them on.  

Then, about 5 hours later they started to hurt.  

The Next Day

I finally gave in and took pain killer, after spending a restless night and being terribly hungry.  To my great disappointment, this did nothing to ease the pain.  

After a day of using only my back teeth and gums to chew I developed a sort of cut in the back of my mouth, meaning not only did all but two of my teeth hurt, but that I couldn't use even my remaining ones.  

Believe me, I have been eating lots of ice cream, yogurt and apple sauce

Although the first few days of braces are difficult, I know it will be worth it.  So, smile, use your wax (it's really helpful) and brush your teeth well.  You'll get through this.

Have you had braces?  Are you going to get some?  What are your favorite rubber band colors?  Did I leave anything out?  Comment below and tell me all about your experience or any questions you have!
~ Ella Marie

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  1. Wow! Braces! Exciting! I got a mio-brace...it's basically like the mouth guards that sport players use...it took a while to adjust to it but I'm so thankful for my straight teeth now! �� Eat that ice-cream while there is an excuse too!!! #jealous��


    1. Yeah, super exciting! Oh, I've never heard of using one to straighten your teeth, but that's really cool! Haha, I eat it even when I don't have an excuse, sooo... XD

  2. Ugh--I hope your teeth feel better soon!

    I had braces for two years (I wear a retainer at night now) and I remember my teeth being sore after my braces being put on. I used to get green, purple, and blue bands on my braces. (I'm a very colorful person. XD)

    1. Thanks, Kara, they already feel WAY better. I'm supposed to have mine for two years, as well. Haha, I bet you rocked them. <3

  3. Braces do hurt at first, but I love the feeling once they're removed-- you didn't realize how much space they occupied until you run your tongue around your teeth! The only downside is your gums feel slimy for quite some time.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | Story-Eyed

    1. I bet it's great! I didn't realize how easy eating was until I got them on, haha. Hmm, I've heard that they feel slimy. Plus my teeth will be totally perfect in the end, so it's worth it.

  4. Ugh. Braces.

    See, I have a complicated history of teeth issues. First I got two teeth pulled. Then a couple months later, I got spaces put in. Three years after those, I got braces for a year and a half.

    The first week is definitely the hardest. I got both wires in at the same time, so I didn’t eat any hard food then. Your way sounds much better!

    Good luck! It doesn’t seem very fun, and I’m not going to say that they were awesome. But the day you get them out is absolutely amazing. You can make it!

    1. Yes, lol. Ugh, that sounds terrible. I'm so glad I didn't have any teeth pulled. You had your spacers for three years??? That's crazy!
      Yeah, I'm over a week in and they hardly hurt anymore. I was so glad I got them one at a time, so much easier to eat that way.
      Thanks, girl! I can't wait to see the end result!

  5. I went to the dentist for the first time in a few years early this month... (our previous dentist had been a friend of the family/my Dad's friend but when he sold his practice, we weren't willing to drive the length for a stranger and then, my Dad just didn't work on finding one for awhile but now we go to one that 2 people we know work at! :D)
    They gave me an orthodontist referral because I have a deep bite, (honestly... I don't super care that I have one, it doesn't look weird or anything! *shrugs*) one rotated tooth, and apparently, my molars are growing out towards my cheeks???
    So we'll see. My Mom hasn't made the decision yet... :)

    Cool post though, good for future reference! Are your teeth feeling okay now? :D <3

    1. Sorry for the long, rambling comment :P

    2. That's super cool that your know people who work at your dentists office!
      You don't even realize how much better your teeth can look until you get braces on. I'm so glad I have them now! Huh, that's strange.

      My teeth feel so much better now, thanks for asking! <3

    3. I know, it's really nice! :)
      Okay.... :P

      I'm glad! Of course!


    Braces were awful, goodness. I hope that you have a quick, easy run of it!

    1. Haha, I'm hope they weren't all awful memories. LOL. XD

      Thanks, girl! So far they haven't actually been THAT bad for me.

  7. Awesome post! I would like to have braces and I'm going to get them soon. I have learnt a lot due to this post. Thanks!

    1. I hope you have a great experience with braces! And I'm so glad you liked the post!

  8. This was actually a really helpful post because I have to get braces soon. *cringes* I thought about getting the Invisalign thing but it sounds like it would be a pain to keep up with and I might not even be able to, I also might have to get an expander because of the shape of my mouth or my teeth or whatever. AND CLEANING YOUR TEETH WITH SOAP? I've never heard of them doing that before.
    Anyway, thanks for this post!

    1. Ahh, good luck with them, Hannah! Yeah, they said they wouldn't work well with my teeth, so I got braces. But my older sister has invisalign and she barely wears them, so I think braces really are the better option. XD Ugh, I've heard that expanders are terrible, but I've also hear that they're really great, so I don't really know??
      It didn't seem like soap, more like extra strong toothpaste. They just called it soap.

      Of course! Thank YOU for reading!

  9. Awesome post girl!! I get my braces off in October and I honestly cannot WAIT!! I mean, they're not ALL that bad, but seeing my teeth after the process will be exciting! :)

    (Tbh same about the lack of inspiration for posts this summer...gah)

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! Yay for you! That's so exciting and so soon! Oh yeah, I can't wait to see mine when they're done.

      Ugh, glad to hear I'm not the only one!

  10. Oh, I hated having braces!! I had to have a bunch of extra stuff done because my teeth were so bad, but they’re perfectly straight now. Definitely worth it all!!

    Although I actually still have scars in my mouth from where the braces were rubbing. Just a warning - use your wax and brush your teeth well!!

    1. Did you? Suprisingly, I've gotten used to them and actually really like them. YAY! I can't wait to have a perfect set of my own.

      Oh, that's terrible! I don't think I've had any cuts deep enough yet, but I'll keep my wax handy.

  11. I have braces (as does my sister, but only her tops for now) and I relate A LOT! I took quite a bit of Tylenol the first time around.

    1. Haha, glad to hear I'm not the only one. I've only taken it once so far, which is great!

  12. Oww braces!! 2 of my sisters have had them - poor girls, they both lived on ice cream and yoghurt (plus other soft foods) for a week or so!


    1. Aww, sounds just like me, LOL. It's getting so much better now, though!

  13. Well, I'm just planning to get braces but is still saving some funds. Anyways, I have a 3rd molar which has cavities on the upper left which is stopping me from installing braces.


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