How to INCREASE ENERGY - Improve Your Life part 2

by - November 17, 2018

Last week a launched a new mini series called IMPROVE YOUR LIFE, in which I give tips, advice and suggestion to help you live your very best life.

The series consists of three posts.

Week Two - Increase Energy 
Week three - Become Happier & Healthier

To check out my first post on creativity you can click here.  

Today we are tackling the subject of energy.  Energy is something we are constantly absorbing and releasing.  Think of it like water to your body.  You are always drinking it, your body uses it, then it releases it.

In our culture we are taught that being an overachiever is one of the best things you can be.  That it is vital, necessary, even, to be an overachiever.  Straight A students, graduate from college, get married.  Our lives are planned out before we're even born.  

There are so many obligations to do more.  Our society revolves around doing things, as many things as possible.

Sometimes the one thing we need is a break.  So, please don't expect these tips to help you out when you're running on little to no sleep.  Remember, if you don't take care of yourself you will end up even more behind than you are now.  Take a deep breath and stop pushing yourself so hard.

Cut back on Caffeine

I KNOW this sounds crazy, I know that many people survive by chugging down coffee all day and I also know that it is not necessary.

I, for one, do NOT drink any caffeine.  Yeah, I drink tea occasionally, and an ultra caramel frap is delish, but...  I don't need it.

According to The Mayo Clinic caffeine can cause insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, irritability, an upset stomach, a fast heartbeat and even muscle tremors.

Of course, caffeine isn't all bad.  Some people say caffeine can increase brain function.  I simply want to stress that you shouldn't rely on it.  I mean, you probably weren't drinking it at age five and most likely had much more energy than you do now.

I believe that half of the benefits of caffeine are physiological.  We think, "Oh, I'm going to have so much energy now," and so we do.  

Establish a sleep schedule 

Start by figuring out when you have to get up in the morning.  Maybe you need to be at school by 8:00, so getting up at 6:30 would be reasonable.  Maybe you're homeschooled/work at home so you don't need to get up early.  That's fine, just find what works for you.

After you know when you'll be up, figure out when you should go to sleep.  Here's a SUPER helpful site that tells you when to wake up and go to sleep based off sleep cycles.  You will not regret using it.  

Slowly adjust to this.  If you're trying to get up earlier than before you can go to bed earlier in 10 minute increments.  

Try not to compromise this schedule too much on the weekends.  It'll just be that much harder when Monday comes.  

You can also read about my night-time routine for more tips.  

Knock out your hardest task ASAP

When you get up in the morning, there's usually one thing that I dread doing.  You know, that task you just hate?  That's the thing you should do first.  

Get the madness over with and put it behind you.  When I actually follow my own advice and do this, it's like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I suddenly have MUCH more energy. 

After you do that one thing, you can move on to something you enjoy a little more, than back to something difficult.  When you really set your mind to a task you can get it done much easier than you'd expect.

Don't stay in your pajamas all day

I'm looking at you, fellow homeschoolers (and those who work from home).  I know your pajamas are warm, and yes, you can get things done in them.  But if your anything like me your probably in a constant state of worry that someone might pop in and find you in your pjs.

For the last year I've never really done this.  Hey, what's the point of homeschooling if not being comfy?  Well, it doesn't work out.

My brain seems to think comfy clothes = lazy day.  And that's just what happens.  I'll get a little of that done, and a little of this, but I can't fully concentrate.

This is bad, my friend, and I finally realized it.  This school year I've been (trying) to get up earlier and get ready and going quickly.

You can check Insta later, you can draw a picture of a cat later.  Mornings are for productivity.

How do you stay energized?  What's something you can't live without?  How do you unwind in the 


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  1. ALL THESE TIPS WERE SPOT ON. I can agree with getting things done asap. It helps so much. I tend to do homework in the morning and it helps me so much! However my afternoons are unprodutive because I run out of things to do. (totally not a normal problem for a normal person) Loved this post. What's your advice for productive afternoons? I hit the afternoon with a snooze button.
    Simply Me

    1. WOW, I'M BEAMING. 😊 Thank you for this sweet comment. YAS. Doesn't it make everything else seem less daunting? Hmmm. I usually don't run into that problem. I guess I would suggest catching up on anything you might be behind on or even getting ahead.

  2. I loved your article. The way I stay energized is when I'm just exhausted I take a coffee nap or "Nappucino." They really work. :)

    I struggle to keep my mornings productive...Probably because I don't get up early enough? IDK. When I do wake up early, I get a ton done and feel energized, but I also hate waking up early. Especially now that it's so cold!

    1. Haha, that sounds great. 🤣 Me either, I usually get up a little late, but if I just dive right in I can usually get some work done. Yeah, I love being up early, just not getting up early.

  3. Well I have to go to school and get a life in the morning (lol) but right now we're on Thanksgiving Break and I totally had to fight off the pajama mantra today. I should really study for that Biology test I have upon returning to school....

    1. LOL, I totally get that. Good luck on your test! 🤞

  4. I agree 100%!! Though, I usually like to drink coffee when I'm setting a new sleep schedule, as I always feel so groggy. But, I have to be careful because I tend to forget to double the amount of water, and drink coffee all day while I work (I collapsed recently, so just be careful guys xD) .
    My sleep cycle is around 3 hours, so I try to adjust when I get up to that (as long as it's reasonable. lol). I'm homeschooled, so on days when I'm just at home, I'm in my pj's. OOPS Totally embarrassing when my neighbor pops in to talk. xP And EXERCISE. It helps me so much, and I feel so much more energized throughout the day.

    I LOVE the new series you're doing! Maybe sometime you could do a post on how to get back in the productive\exercise groove after getting sick or the holidays? That's one of the hardest things to do.

    1. Thanks, LHE! That makes sense, I guess I don't feel a need for it, since I don't really like it anyway. WHOA. Are you okay? YES, WHY DO NEIGHBORS ALWAYS POP IN AT THE WORST TIMES?

      I'm so happy you're liking it. Oh, that's a great idea! Thank you!

    2. You're welcome! Yeah, that's understandable. I've always loved coffee, and I sometimes have a hard time transitioning to immediate schedule changes. It's one of the only things that can help. lol Matcha Tea is really good though, too. Yeah, I'm okay now! Thanks for asking! I'm just being careful now. lol I know, right?! They're like magnets to the worst times, but I can't complain, though. They're there when I need them, even if we're always talking in my pj's. (They understand ;P) lol

      Yeah, these are really helpful! Aww, I'm glad. You're welcome! :D

  5. ...but....I started drinking coffee when I was 2... 😂😂😢


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